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Titledeko Pro For Windows 7 32-bit Iso 92 2022 [New]




I have a year to get ready for this and to figure out if I can do it before I go to college. after this. aj4vpn., kt6hqg1hpQ: "Secure" way of obtaining client cert from smart card? I have a mobile app that gets its client cert from a smart card. The smart card is bound to a user account in Active Directory, and is provisioned using one of the vendor tools (that's the only way I know how to do it). There are a few problems with this: Certificate storage on the client is handled by a single Active Directory user, so if there's a compromise of the user account (e.g. an account lockout), there's an elevated risk of someone else accessing the cert. The certs (in particular, the thumbprint) are stored in an insecure way. This is in part because the user can't be signed in to the web site, but also because I have no control over what they do with the thumbprints, and am not willing to trust the customer. The certs are going to be updated regularly, so I can't just keep them in memory. What's the most secure way of doing this? A: Solution #1: Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) instead of TLS Use a cert-based PKI Use a smartcard reader that has Certificate Revocation List (CRL) support Solution #2: Use smartcard-based PKI Use a configurable, external PKI store Solution #3: Use PKI natively within Active Directory Use a public cert store (e.g. LDAP) Solution #4: Use a multi-factor authentication system that stores the certificates This answer really depends on your particular circumstances. For #1, if your system is behind a firewall that doesn't support SSL, then #2 is probably the best approach. And if you're not in control of the certs, but instead have a third party you need to trust, then #4 is probably the best approach. Here are some good links for more information: How to: Install and Configure a Smart Card Certificates in Windows (MSDN) Install a Smart Card Certificate on a Remote Computer with a PKCS#11 Application Install and Use a Remote Smart Card Certificates



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Titledeko Pro For Windows 7 32-bit Iso 92 2022 [New]

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